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6 Best Bicycle Chains Reviews

The best bicycle chain does not only take into account the type of bicycle but also the gears. For example, you can opt for a single speed chain if you want a bicycle chain to make your city bike ready for use.

On the other hand, the 12, 11 or 10 speed bicycle chains are an option in searching for a high-quality bicycle chain for racing bicycles.

View the 6 toppers below, including the advice mentioned in the online reviews, and determine whether you prefer the most popular and best brand, a 9-speed bicycle chain offer, or a new bicycle chain including the corresponding WD40 bicycle chain lubricant.

6 Best Bicycle Chains Reviews

1. Lynx Chain 1/2 X 3/32 6/7/8 Speed

Did you know that there are indeed different bicycle chain sizes available and that you should also consider the number of gears and the type of bicycle when choosing a specific type of Chain?

So are you looking for a unique bicycle chain for a bicycle with 6/7 or 8 gears? Then this 8-speed bicycle chain from the well-known brand Lynx is a step in the right direction.

The bicycle chain has no less than 116 links and appears to be mainly durable and sturdy steel. This is complemented by a weight of up to 325 grams and a chain size of 1/2 x 3/32 making it suitable for use on ATB/MTB bikes, city bikes, racing bikes and some electric bikes. A connecting link is also offered when purchasing this type of bicycle chain.

The online reviews show that customers are indeed convinced of the offered value for money and seem to unanimously reward the product with an excellent average final score of 5 stars.


Material: The favorable properties of steel were mainly used in producing this bicycle chain.

Links: the bicycle chain has no less than 116 links and offers a 1/2 x 3/32 chain size.

Ease of use: it can be easily mounted on bicycles with 6/7 or 8 gears, reflected in a wide range of racing bicycles, city bicycles, ATB/MTB bicycles, and certain electric bicycles.

Budget-friendly: its budget-friendly price tag makes it particularly accessible to the general public.


No 12-speed: if you’re looking for a 12-speed bicycle chain, this one from Lynx isn’t the best recommendation.

2. Chain kmc 11128 x11sl DLC 116l 11 speed

If it is all that little bit more and the budget is of little or no importance, you could also opt for this unique KMC bicycle chain.

Although it does not immediately have the lowest price, nor can it be counted among the cheap alternatives, customers seem enthusiastic with their purchase, resulting in an excellent final score of 5 stars.

Of course, the KMC bicycle chain is immediately noticeable because of its unique design in which blue and black accents are at the core.

Moreover, you can obtain this type of bicycle chain – which has no less than 114 links – in many other colors and designs, which more or less seems to explain its price tag.

The Chain has a maximum weight of 412 grams and is durable steel. Because it is suitable for bicycles with 11 gears, it is mainly used in combination with racing bicycles. Of course, you should regularly clean and lubricate the bicycle chain to preserve its lifespan.


Bicycle type: This 11-speed bicycle chain is mainly suitable for use with racing bicycles.

Links: the KMC bicycle chain has 412 grams and has no less than 114 links.

Design: its striking design with blue and black accents immediately catches the eye and makes it possible to turn your bicycle into an even more personal item.


Not a city bike: if you are looking for a suitable bicycle chain for use on your city bike, then this product from KMC is not the best possible recommendation.

 3. Chain Shimano Nexus NX10 anti-rust

The Shimano bicycle chain is part of the well-known NEXUS series and is cataloged under the 1/2″ x 1/8″ model “CN-NX10” model.

It is a single-speed chain with no less than 114 links and is mainly suitable for city bikes. So if you are looking for a suitable bicycle chain for your road bike, you will unfortunately be disappointed with this one from Shimano.

The bicycle chain appeared to be mainly made of durable nylon material and was then provided with a rust-resistant coating.

So no problem if it suddenly starts to rain or if your bike has been outside all night. The Chain is relatively easy to install and guarantees a long service life under limited conditions.

Looking at the online reviews, we immediately determine an excellent final score of 5 stars. Customers are already enthusiastic about the quality offered and let them know that the product completely meets their expectations.


Bicycle type: Does your city bicycle’s bicycle chain urgently need to be replaced? Then this Shimano product is a good option.

Links: the Shimano Nexus bicycle chain has no less than 114 links.

Material: the Chain was provided with a good portion of nylon in the base and then finished with a special coating that turns out to be completely rust-resistant.


Price tag: Although the price seems OK to customers, it is slightly above average compared to similar bicycle chains.

4. Scram PC1051 Bicycle Chain

Do you own a decent racing bike with a maximum of 10 gears? And does your bicycle chain need to be replaced? Then we advise you to take a look at this unique PC1051 Scram bicycle chain, offered and supplied by Cycledeal.

The bicycle chain is mainly made of durable metal and has 114 consecutive links. It appears to be compatible with an industry standard of up to 10 speeds, making it highly suitable for the typical racing bike.

The Chain is finished with a PowerLock connecting link that allows smooth and precise shifting. Although it does not belong to the cheap alternatives in our selection, customers seem convinced of the quality and user-friendliness offered, resulting in an excellent average final score of 5 stars.


Links: the bicycle chain is a durable metal and has no less than 114 links.

Connecting clutch: the Chain is equipped with a so-called PowerLock connecting clutch, which allows you to shift smoothly and precisely.

Compatibility: It has been proven to be 100% compatible with an industry standard of up to 10 speeds, making it suitable for racing bikes.


Price tag: we dare to say that the high price could put a damper on the celebration for some.

5. Chain 9 speed Shimano Deore XT/Ultegra HG93

With the Shimano Deore XT / Ultegra HG93, you immediately choose a rock-solid bicycle chain with any 9-speed Shimano gear system and CS-S500 Alfine sprocket.

Unlike the previous products in this selection, this bicycle chain is mainly made of durable aluminum, a lightweight yet sturdy chain.

The Chain – incidentally supplied, including a corresponding chain pin – has no fewer than 138 links and appears suitable for bicycles with 9 gears. Ideal if the bicycle chain of your track bike urgently needs to be replaced.

Although this bicycle chain has everything it needs to become an absolute winner at first glance, no comments have been posted yet. This makes it very difficult to provide you with further advice regarding any customer reactions.


Links: the bicycle chain has no less than 138 links.

Material: in contrast to the previous toppers, the choice was mainly made to use aluminum finished in a silver jacket.

Ease of use: this type of bicycle chain can be used without any problems with any 9-speed Shimano gear system and appears to be highly suitable for track bikes.


Not a mountain bike: if you are looking for a suitable bicycle chain for your mountain bike, this one may not be the best recommendation.

6. Taya Chain 1/2 X 1/8 410h Race 1sp 112 Links

We conclude the list with the Taya Necklace 410H, which appears to be mainly made of durable steel and weighs up to 410 grams.

The Chain has no less than 112 links in combination with a characteristic 1/2 x 1/8″ chain size, making it suitable as 1 speed bicycle chain for racing bicycles. In addition, it is supplied with the corresponding connecting link.

The Taya 410H bicycle chain can be attached easily and without tools, significantly improving its ease of use. Try to tighten the bicycle chain well and thoroughly clean and lubricate it after each use. In this way, you immediately contribute to sustainability.

Unfortunately, no comments have been posted here either, making it more difficult for us to give you further advice about possible customer reactions. However, don’t be put off because this might be the bicycle chain you’ve been looking for!


Material: This bicycle chain comprises durable steel and has 112 links.

Bicycle type: the bicycle chain is suitable for 1-speed gear systems that frequently occur on racing bicycles.

Connecting link: unlike many other bicycle chains, this one has a corresponding link.


Price tag: Compared to similar products, the price tag here is slightly above average.

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