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Frequently Asked Questions about Bicycle Chain

Q1: How Long Does a Bicycle Chain Last?

The lifespan of a bicycle chain appears to be subject to certain factors such as the state of maintenance, the ease of use that you assign to it, the environment in which you cycle and the weather conditions.

This also means that it is not so easy to express the lifespan in a certain period as the above factors will/can be different for everyone.

That is why the life of a bicycle chain is invariably expressed in kilometers and experts recommend replacing the Chain from 3000 km.

Q2: When Should You Replace the Bicycle Chain?

As became more or less evident in answer to question 1, it is recommended to replace the bicycle chain somewhere between 3000 and 5000 km, considering the factors to which the Chain is subject.

For example, a bicycle chain will wear out faster if you cycle regularly or contend with bad weather conditions and surfaces. But a bicycle chain can also wear out quickly if it is not ridden so often and maintenance often falls short. In short, using the rule of thumb regarding 3000 to 5000 km seems to be the most advisable.

Q3: How much does a bicycle chain cost?

A sustainable bicycle chain does not have to mean a big chunk out of the budget and is estimated at a price tag of 3 to 10 euros.

If you also have the bicycle chain replaced by an experienced bicycle mechanic – who in most cases can complete the job in less than 10 minutes – you should take into account a total price tag of about 25 to 30 euros.

Q4: How do you tension a bicycle chain?

Rumbling from the chain guard is often the result of a bicycle chain that is too loosely adjusted. Fortunately, you can quickly and easily retighten the Chain off your bicycle using 2 open-end wrenches size 15, a wrench only 10, a screwdriver and a bit of common sense.

For example, you should initially loosen the brake bracket of your bicycle using the open-end wrench 10. It is then recommended to loosen the axle nuts of your rear wheel using the pre-included open-end wrenches 15.

In this case, a few turns are already sufficient. Then tighten the Chain off your bicycle, taking into account a maximum play of about 1 cm. Before retightening the axle nuts, make sure the wheel of your bicycle is straight.

Q5: How often should you lubricate a bicycle chain?

How often you should lubricate the chain on your bicycle is – just like changing the Chain – subject to several factors such as the frequency with which your bicycle is used, the weather conditions and the type of lubricating oil.

For example, the Chain needs urgent maintenance when you hear a beeping sound. Or when you come home after a trip of a few hours in the pouring rain, it is also recommended to thoroughly polish and lubricate the Chain.

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