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What Are the Best Boots for Hiking?

Nature-loving enthusiasts are becoming more and more numerous, and everywhere there is talk of completing hiking trails and climbing mountains. Do you recognize yourself?

Since the feet will carry the heaviest load during the hike, foot-straight hiking boots are of the utmost importance, both for comfort and stability.

Depending on what you are planning for an adventure, everything from waterproofness to breathability and lacing systems can be interesting when comparing different boots and their materials.

Salomon Outline Mid Gore-Tex

Outline Mid Gore-Tex is a medium-high, sporty boot in a men’s model from Salomon. It is incredibly light, which enables good flexibility for simpler adventures!

Despite its low weight, the ribbed outsole provides a favorable grip in dry and wet surfaces. With a membrane in GORE-TEX, the boot also has a good water-repellent ability and keeps the foot dry from both inside and outside.

In addition, the tongue is kept centered by being attached to both sides, preventing water and sand from penetrating the shoe. Constructed from a seamless design, the boot contributes to a smooth and close fit for the user and gives a stylish impression.

Outline Mid Gore-Tex can, with the advantage, be used as a running shoe in cross-country running and for all kinds of trails!

Lundhags Vandra II Mid

Vandra II Mid is a stable 1-layer boot with a medium-high shaft from Lundhags, made of full-grain leather or nubuck leather. The lower part of the shoe consists of a waterproof and insulating cellular rubber bottom, developed according to Lundhag’s popular Certech technology.

The Vibram Traction sole provides optimal grip on wet stone, while the EVA midsole provides good shock absorption and comfort.

Despite its high shaft and sturdy construction, it feels light and flexible on foot, many thanks to the fact that it is built according to the shell principle. The boot is thus easily designed according to the foot, which creates an individually adapted fit that suits you.

A boot made according to the 1-layer principle is also easier to repair if it breaks. Like Lundhag’s other products, Vandra II Mid promises a long service life and is perfect for those who go on intensive hikes with heavy packing. Comes in several natural colors.

Lundhags Professional II High Regular

The first-class Professional II High Regular from Lundhags is a 3-layer boot with a high shaft, made for the toughest adventures with extreme conditions.

The boot is made of full-grain leather, and incredibly durable thanks to the Certech Exp lower part with 2mm Libasmart bottom and the outsole Rubbermac Defender which has integrated toe protection.

The strong 3-layer construction and the high shaft guarantee maximum waterproofness and optimal stability for the foot and ankles. Thanks to the Heel Fit Control function, you also have an extra good heel grip.

An EVA insulation and intermediate layer in Ariaprene provide good shock absorption and comfort. Professional II High Regular is specially adapted for you who go out on the tougher hikes and want to be confident that the boot maintains high quality in its functions. The boot comes in a unisex model.

Viking Hunter Gore-Tex

The Nordic company Viking Footwear specializes in manufacturing products with extreme water resistance. Their rugged Hunter Gore-Tex leather boot with a high shaft is no exception!

The thick Gore-Tex membrane keeps the boot waterproof and insulated even in the toughest hunting terrain. The UGC® sole is made of natural rubber and does not let the most uneven or slippery terrain stand in your way, but it always gives a fantastic grip.

The wide construction allows a pair of extra socks and allows the body heat to circulate inside the shoe; in other words, you do not have to worry about freezing on your turn!

Viking Hunter Gore-Tex is an obvious alternative to boots for those out on extreme hikes or long hunting and fishing trips in challenging terrain. The boot comes in a unisex model and fits you with slightly wider feet.

Meindl Island Men’s MFS Active

Iceland MFS Active is a Gore-Tex boot from Meindl. It is an upgrade of the popular classic Iceland boot, which has won several awards and sold over a million copies. In other words, the upgraded Iceland MFS Active does not leave much room for disappointment! The differences from the original boot include:

  • A more stable lacing system.
  • Improved ventilation.
  • A new insole better adapts to the foot for maximum comfort and stability.

MFS stands for Memory Foam System and refers to the boot’s specially built-in foam that shapes itself to the foot and ankle using your body temperature, which results in an individual fit.

Iceland MFS Active fits just as well in summer as winter, where the colder seasons require an extra sock. The model comes in a men’s model and fits longer trips with heavy packing.

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